Each month, I will feature scents that highlight a certain fragrance theme or scent category. Traditionally, I tend to burn scents that are “in season.” This month’s theme is woodlands, winter woodlands, to be specific. Winter woodlands conjure up the feeling of brisk walks in the snow, the smell of ice-covered pine trees and a glimpse of woodland plants and creatures hardy enough to brave the cold.


In a Winter Wonderland was a limited edition Yankee scent that premiered during last year’s holiday season as part of the Winter Wonderland Christmas carol based line-up. Being the sucker for a theme that I am, I grabbed a few tumblers from the collection. I didn’t get around to trying the only pine-centered one until now.

Fragrance: It’s a winner! The cold throw gives one a hint of fruit and maybe a little spice, like clove, with a base of fresh pine. Upon lighting, the fruit disappears as the fresh, icy pine takes over. The spice remains and is enhanced by a floral tone. That’s at least four scent categories covered here, but they blend smoothly. The fresh tone becomes the dominant fragrance.

Performance: This medium 2-wick tumbler started to give off fragrance after about 20 minutes. I was pleased when it permeated my basement family room, which measures around 500 sq.ft.

Recommendation: Smooth, complex scent that could even please those who don’t like pine, because it’s mostly fresh. This candle was popular enough to return this season and can still be found on the Yankee website and at outlets.


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